John Edwards Engagement: Are the Rumors True?

Just three weeks after burying his spouse, John Edwards introduced his children to Rielle Hunter, the woman who had destroyed his 33-year marriage and gave birth to his love child, Frances Quinn, now 2 years old. Homewrecker Rielle directed John's young children to call her "Mommy," before the disgraced ex-senator ended the holiday get-together by telling Rielle they would all eventually "become one big, happy family."

So sayeth the National Enquirer, anyway.

Despite the less-than-trustworthy source, engagement rumors are picking up steam. Maybe because it was the Enquirer, surprisingly enough, that initially exposed the affair between Edwards and Hunter—and, well, that turned out to be true. Edwards initially denied the affair, but after it was made public he expressed regrets, telling ABC News he had "made a mistake."

Yeah ...  that's one way to describe the act of having a baby with your mistress while your wife battles breast cancer.


While John Edwards continues his reign as Most Despicable Man in America, why do you suppose he hasn't commented on the engagement rumor? After all, there's a very good chance it's complete bullshit. The Enquirer posted nearly the exact same story about an impending Edwards-Hunter marriage and a "luxury $3.5 million beachfront home" last year, a report which was later proven false.

A family spokeswoman has told the Daily Beast, “I can tell you that it’s not true.” But Barry Levine, executive editor of the Enquirer, claims they're standing by the story, saying, “We’ve had very good sources on this from the get-go.”

Do you think John Edwards should issue his own statement on the rumor, or does he have the right to privacy?

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