Maryland High Alert Protester Is a Hero

mailboxSnow, rain, heat, and gloom of night may not stop the mail, but an old-fashioned terror threat will. Maryland is on high alert with mailrooms at all state agencies shuttered indefinitely thanks to a "lone wolf" who sent mini bombs through the mail. 

Fortunately no one was badly hurt at the state offices in downtown Annapolis and near BWI airport where the incendiary devices were opened up. But you'll never guess what had this guy all in a dither. The nut ball is allegedly upset over signs on state highways that ask drivers to "report suspicious activity" to the state's terrorism tip line.


So let's jump into the mind of this as yet unnamed "lone wolf." You're upset that the state has a terror alert system. You want it gone. What do you do?

A sane person writes a letter to his state legislators citing the wasteful use of taxpayer dollars or calls the governor's office to register displeasure with turning Maryland into a police state. But to a lunatic, that makes entirely too much sense. He protests the terror alert system by activating it! But hey, at least he didn't use anthrax! Give the boy a prize!

In all seriousness, folks, the packages were not bombs so much as devices that lit, puffed smoke, and emitted a noxious sulfuric scent into the air. The workers who handled them suffered minor singeing of the hands, but nothing more. The State of Maryland seems to have gotten away relatively lucky on this one. If you have to have a crazy go, well, crazy, you want him to do it with the least collateral damage possible.

And in a state that has been fortunate to not have nearly the level of terror activity of, say, New York, a calamity with no lives lost is as good a way as any to actually test the terror alert system this guy has such a problem with. He just gave them a chance to improve it based on new experiences. What a mensch.

The bigger problem will be the quagmire of pouring through an extra day's worth of mail when everyone gets back to work (can you imagine how much mail goes through one state office in a day?) and, of course, the police investigation that's already under way. Now if only someone had reported this guy sooner, they could have gotten their practice out of the way.


Image via Nieve44/LaLuz/Flickr

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