Republicans Won't Repeal Obamacare ... But They Can Try

Jenny Erikson
Jenny Erikson
The 112th Congress was sworn in on Wednesday, bringing a Republican majority to the House of Representatives and new Speaker John Boehner (say Bay-ner, not Boner). First item on the agenda: Repealing Obamacare.

Of course, that’s never going to happen in the next two years. Despite the health care law’s tendency to discriminate against women, children, and small businesses, the repeal will never pass through the Democrat-controlled Senate and certainly would never be signed by President Obama.


It doesn’t matter that 60% of Americans oppose Obamacare, or that states are repealing the law all on their own; the Democrats know what’s good for you, gosh darn it, and that’s to have a health care system as spectacular as Canada’s. And the Democrats wonder why they got slaughtered at the polls in November.

The Republicans are committed to bringing the repeal to the floor, but is it a waste of time and resources? House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi thinks so. In a January 4 press conference, she said:

Every minute wasted on trying to repeal health care reform fruitlessly is one less minute the Republicans will spend on job creation and turning this economy around. Fruitlessly trying to nick health care reform to death is going to take hundreds of hours of staff time, floor time, and member time. We cannot take our eyes off the prize of continuing our economic recovery. We are going to watch for every Republican hypocrisy and call them on it when we see it.

Well same to you, Ms. Pelosi. Over and over during the past two years, the public told you and your cronies to stop fiddling with health care and focus on turning the economy around. We didn’t want you to pass the monstrosity that is the health care law, and we don’t like your idea of creating jobs by paying people to not work.

The way to "fix" the economy is to cut spending and reduce taxes so that businesses can get back to hiring people. The Democrats did the exact opposite, increasing spending to catastrophic levels and enacting the biggest entitlement program since Social Security (which has pretty much bankrupted itself in a generation and a half). Now their leader, the former Speaker of the House, has the audacity to say she’s going to be watching for Republican hypocrisy? It’s so ludicrous that it’s funny.

Repealing Obamacare has everything to do with economic recovery and job creation, and the only thing hypocritical is Nancy Pelosi, whose congress spent 13 months creating an unaffordable 2,000-plus-page health care bill that nobody wanted. In contrast, the Republicans will introduce a two-page bill to repeal Obamacare in its entirety. One day, two pieces of paper, versus thirteen months and over two thousand pages. Yet in Pelosi’s Botox-altered brain, it’s the Republicans ‘wasting time’ on health care reform. 

A repeal of Obamacare won’t happen in the 112th Congress, but forcing its Democratic supporters to defend a law that will ration care and stifle innovation can’t be a bad idea. After all, there’s another election coming up in 2012. My crystal ball predicts a Republican takeover of the Senate too, so long as liberals like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid continue to blatantly disregard the wishes of the American people. 


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