We All Could Use a Little Good News Today (But Would You Read It?)

Imagine a world in which we only discussed the positive. No murder. No wars. No crime. Certainly no backstabbing politics. Nope, just reporting on the good stuff.

Would good news satisfy the darkest part of our souls that -- while horrified by the latest child abduction or animal tortured -- makes us keep reading?

Yes, imagine perhaps a newspaper with a symbolic smiley face which prints only the positive and uplifting.

Would you read it?

If you said yes, you are in luck. Such a new source exists, my friends. Well, in Croatia ...


Battered, But Not Beaten By Life
Yes, Croatia. A country embroiled in political crisis and corruption. It seems the editors of the newspaper 24 Sata found 2010 depressing and in need of "a little light and a bit of hope.”

Novel idea, eh? Instead of the economy or politics, for one day the newspaper published nothing but nice stories -- stories about rescued dogs, orphans receiving free haircuts, and success. All the bad news was unilaterally ignored. 

Hmmm, I thought, if they can do it, why not us here on The Stir?

The more I think about it, the more refreshing it seems. Lately, life seems to be dragging us all down. It's so easy to fall into ruts of complaint and depression. 2010 dragged us all through so much muck. It was so easy to be disgusted with the weaknesses of the human spirit and the state of the economy in the news. Easy to be downright negative.

Snap out of it, I say.

Why not make a resolution to only highlight the positive, if only for a day? Let me tell you, it's harder than it looks to find the positive in the news these days.   

Much, much harder

However, persistence is a virtue in my household (if my children's badgering this winter break is any indication). So, in that vein, I have highlighted the top FIVE positive news stories I have found:

  1. Liquid Biopsy: Scientists have found a test that will spot cancer in a non-invasive way. Yay! They think one day it will be an alternative to mammograms and colonoscopies. Yes, your boobs and ... errr ... other parts will be much happier.
  2. Endangered Rhinos Habitat Doubled in the Last Decade: This is for all of us who fell in love with rhinos after envisioning rhinos scrubbed with toothpaste as children reading My Father's Dragon.
  3. Blocked by Blizzard, Grocery Store Gives 72,000 lbs of Food to the Needy: Four trucks and two tractor trailers went a long way. Better yet? Fresh Direct's donation added to the nearly six million pounds of food the company has given away over the years.
  4. Nine-Year-Old Finds Cash and Spends It on Sick Kids: It's good to hear about kids doing the right thing for once, isn't it?
  5. Business Schools Embrace Do-Gooders: Yep, instead of becoming corrupt Wall Street sharks, the next crops of MBAs are becoming social entrepreneurs.

My personal best news? My kids happily went back to school today and I wrote this post in exquisite peace. Yep, persistence pays off. We both survived winter break without strangling each other by the end.

And you? What was the best good news you heard today?

Photos via ScoutsHonor and by Crashmaster007/Flickr

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