Gay Basher Owen Honors Should Be Fired From the Navy Pronto

Owen HonorsWelcome to America, where our puritanical roots make us cringe at the word "sex" in a public setting. What would a new year be if we didn't have a sex scandal to celebrate? The case of Navy Captain Owen Honors, who the Norfolk, Virginia newspaper the Virginian Pilot has revealed is at the center of the first raunchy scandal of 2011, might actually deserve your clucking tongue.

Honors stands accused of organizing the filming of sexy videos that include everything from naked women soaping one another down in the showers of the Norfolk-based aircraft carrier Enterprise to gay slurs and bestiality. Free speech? To each his own? Sorry, not on my dime.


He can be a jerk on his time; that's his problem. What he does on the public taxpayers' is ours. That's the problem here: Honors allegedly did all this while on the Enterprise, using military-owned equipment. While he was working for you and me, using video cameras and editing software our tax dollars paid for, he was being a sexist, bigoted pig.

If I was his boss, I'd have him packing his things ... immediately. Oh, wait, I am his boss. I was paying Owen Honors' salary in 2006 and 2007 when all these videos were being filmed. As his boss, I want him gone, and I'm flummoxed by his other bosses who don't agree. Comments on the We Support O.P. Honors Facebook page call this a witch hunt, beg us to remember that he's a father, and that this happened three to four years ago.

Honors is about to be deployed again, left in charge -- as captain -- of a multimillion-dollar aircraft carrier that we own. Failure to censure him for his actions will allow him carte blanche to do it again, on our dime, on our equipment. To put this in context, imagine you own your own small business. You're rooting around in your files, doing a little clean-up at the end of the year, and find videos that your employee, Bob, made in 2006 in your offices, using your video cameras, containing offensive material. At that time, you were paying him a fair wage, with the expectation that he would actually work for it.

Do you shrug? Giggle? Throw him a party? Or do you call your employee into your office and demand some accountability? Owen Honors was a shoddy employee. As his boss, I'd like to see some accountability: now. Do you think he should be fired?


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