Indiana Earthquake Proves Hoosiers Should Stick to Football

indianaGet ready to call up your high school science teachers and tell them they failed you. An Indiana earthquake shook the Midwest early this morning, sending shock waves all the way out to Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky and Wisconsin. It was only 3.8 on the Richter scale, but come on, folks. It was an earthquake! In Indiana!

The science teachers in upstate New York can't be the only ones who made us terrified to live in California because of all that plate tectonics mumbo jumbo, but left the Hoosier State talk to the football coaches. My apologies to Indiana residents (Indianians?), but your state is pretty boring . . . in a good way.


According to the United States Geological Survey, you haven't even had a good earthquake since 1909. And by good, they mean "some chimneys fell, several building walls were cracked, light connections were severed, and pictures were shaken off the walls." That's nothing a good frat party couldn't accomplish. Heck, I grew up beside a railroad track. My parents just stopped hanging pictures at one point. You may have a good football team, Indianians, but when it comes to weather, you just don't show up to play.

As for the rest of us, a bit of good news to make us feel less betrayed by the person who taught earth science. The folks at Indiana University told the AP the quaking started in an area "that's seismically very quiet." And as far as this morning's tremblor spread, it only felt like a big truck was passing by, leaving no damage in its wake. See what I mean about boring in a good way?

Compare that to the 5.9 magnitude quake in the Santa Cruz Islands this morning or the 5.3 quake in Alaska today, and Indiana is starting to sound like a nice place to visit. Maybe we can take in a football game? Did you or anyone you know feel the quake?


Image via wfyurasko/Flickr


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