Cory Booker Saves Snowed In New Jersey via Twitter

cory booker tweets snowCory Booker is clearly running for President some day. The mayor of Newark, New Jersey is actually using Twitter to find snowed-in streets and digging them out himself. You read that right: The mayor of Newark, New Jersey is the hardest working man in New Jersey.

Take that Governor Chris Christie! Hope you're enjoying your trip to Disney World.

As Booker travels around the neighborhoods to personally shovel snow, and direct his trucks to the worst-hit roads, he's communicating with residents via Twitter. He even asks people to DM him so he can get their addresses and head over to the problem areas. Which I can only imagine are plentiful in Newark. Now that's the making of a future President! Using Twitter for good instead of grammatically incorrect, evil.

Here are the best tweets from Mayor Cory Booker during the snowpocalypse of '10:


He's out there helping your mother!

I'm on my way to Treamont Ave now to help dig your mom out @NEAKO:

AND your grandma.

Where is she I will go now! RT @PrincessED89: shoveled driveway plowers came, closed us back in. My grandma is 82 yrs old, she can't get out

He's invoking President Lincoln!

Amidst the snow frustrations, please remember Lincoln's quote: "He has a right to criticize who has a heart to help" Please help others 2day

And he even has time to defend Mayor Mike.

People far 2 rough on @mikebloomberg - still fighting 2 clear snow in NWK & we are 1/29th size of NYC

What do you think? Booker for President in 2016?


Image via Twitter

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