Sugarloaf Ski Lift Accident: Skiers Still Trapped

sugarloaf mountain ski lift accident
Sugarloaf Skiers in Happier Times
A Maine ski resort at Sugarloaf Mountain is in the middle of a terrifying ordeal as a ski lift malfunctioned this morning and all the chairs fell several feet. As some skiers remained trapped in their chairs in the middle of 30-50 mph winds, they watched others fall all the way to the ground. Reportedly some skiers were launched out of their seats by the abrupt stop. 

Since the six skiers taken to the hospital reportedly have non-life threatening injures, I might want to trade places with them, rather than be the one left dangling in the wind and praying my chair doesn't crash to the ground next. Although god knows no one should have to choose between those two scenarios that the Sugarloaf skiers are a part of right now.

Rescue efforts are currently underway for those remaining trapped on the ski lift. And I've just resolved to never go skiing again.


The last time I went snowboarding I was almost knocked unconscious, so it rapidly became my least-favorite leisure time activity. And every year there are deadly skiing accidents that scare me away from the slopes. Whether it's more or less dangerous than other sports, I don't know. But it's a heck of a lot colder. And hanging out in a chair lift in high winds, in MAINE, waiting to see if you might fall to the ground, is possibly my worst nightmare.

Let's hope everyone is rescued, safe and sound and with minimal trauma from Sugarloaf Mountain.

Do stories like this make you want to stay away from the slopes?

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