Best Happy New Year Images From Around the World

new year's times squareAmericans seem to have the same happy new year images in mind every year. A giant crystal ball, a bunch of people with dorky plastic glasses and paper blowers kissing in Times Square. That's our new year.

But as we close out 10 years that empowered Americans to tweet on behalf of Iranians' freedom of speech, a Haitian earthquake that turned Americans' hearts inside out and the Sept. 11 tragedy in 2001 that opened hearts around the world to our sorrows, we are more of a global nation than ever before. So let's celebrate the new year with our neighbors. Check out these happy new year images from around the globe.


Berlin New Year

The Brandenburg Gate in Berlin is the place to be for thousands of Germans on Dec. 31. Fireworks explode over the Quadriga sculpture in this image from January 1, 2010.

netherlands new year

The Erasmus Bridge over the Nieuwe Maas river in Rotterdam, The Netherlands is a stunning spectacle on New Year's Eve as the fireworks reflect in the water during Tridee, the National New Year's celebration.

eiffel tower new year

The Eiffel Tower lights up Paris on New Year's, along with bright fireworks spectaculars that kick off St. Sylvestre, a New Year celebration that will last through February in France.

Hong Kong New Year

It isn't the Chinese New Year, but in Hong Kong fireworks explode over Victoria Harbour and the business district during a New Year's celebration on Jan. 1.

Australia new year

More than 1.5 million people are expected to show up for the the annual New Year's Eve midnight fireworks display over Sydney Harbour in Sydney, Australia.

Where will you be celebrating?

Images via Brian Harkin/Getty Images; Miguel Villagran/Getty Images; Jasper Juinen/Getty Images;; Victor Fraile/Getty Images; Mark Kolbe/Getty Images

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