Most Admired People in USA: Glenn Beck, Really?

most admired people in us glenn beckA popularity contest, er, um, USA Today poll was released today on the most admired men and women of 2010. Readers were asked to vote on men and women in the news, who are living, and were asked for their first and second choice. While Glenn Beck didn't top the list (thank beezus), he did wind up with more votes than the Dalai Lama.

So, apparently a man of peace and compassion isn't as admirable as a man of vitriol, fabrications, and hate-mongering. May I just ask you, America, what the hell is your problem?

Luckily, the list wasn't all bad or I might start fearing there are more Beck-heads than rational people in my air space. In fact, the man who was voted #1, makes me nod my head in agreement.


In spite of a rough year, President Barack Obama was far ahead of the rest of the pack when chosen as the most admired man of 2010. But how he can share a list with Beck, is beyond me. There are other conservative thinkers (although I use this term not at all in regard to Beck) that inspire admiration, without making the world a more hateful place. How about a Robert Gates. Or heck, even a Huckabee?

It's possible to have different political thought without resorting to the nasty tactics Beck employs on a regular basis. That, is to be admired. Beck is to be laughed at and dismissed.

Of course, the women's list has a perfect example as well. Number one? Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. Number two? Sarah Palin. Yes, Sarah Palin is number two while Condoleezza Rice is number five. Which again, shows how many Americans appreciate schoolyard taunting over people who actually have accomplishments, study issues, and attempt to enact policy based on facts instead of her "gut." 

Again. America, what's wrong with you?

Who do you think should top the lists of the most admired men and women of 2010?


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