Blizzard 2010: A Video for Those Who Missed the Fun

If you missed the Chrismas weekend Blizzard of 2010 (or live in the DC snow hole) then some might say you are lucky -- no shoveling, no missed work or school. But if you really feel like you are missing the fun, then maybe this video is for you.

In Boston, where we got about 15 inches, the snow came on fast and furious starting at about noon yesterday. It piled so quickly and the wind was blowing so fast (up to 80 MPH in some areas!) that the snow plows simply could not keep up. On our block, at some point in the evening, they simply gave up and focused on busier avenues.

Thus, we were left with a winter wonderland piled high and white. And this video: 


Now, of course, there is nothing lef to do but shovel it, play in it and wait for it to melt. Of course, the next one is probably right around the corner.

How did you enjoy the snow?


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