DC Snow Hole: It's Not Fair!

Snowfall totals are just starting to come in as the East Coast digs out from under one of the biggest blizzards in recent memory, but Washington DC -- a city that was buried earlier this year by a storm so massive it was called "snowmageddon" and "snowpocolypse" by many -- was completely spared. The mysterious DC snow hole means there is no digging in our nation's capitol today.

Lucky ducks.

To look at a map is to realize that Mother Nature truly does have a sense of equity, if not humor. The map here shows snow across almost the entire Northern United States and none in the tiny pocket of which DC is a part. And think, earlier this year, when DC was absolutely buried, Boston was laughing all the way along our concrete-visible sidewalks.

Oh, how the mighty do fall. The scene outside my window right now in Boston, Massachusetts looks like a cross between a moon landscape and a nuclear wasteland. There are at least 15 inches and more is coming.


Cars are buried, there are thigh-deep drifts in some areas and the few who venture out do so in snow pants, fur hoods and ski gloves. I just saw a guy go past on cross country skis and I live in the city. As we attempt to dig out, it occurs to me that "snow days" just aren't that much fun when you become a grown-up and here's why:

Snow days are a pain: I used to get off the charts thrilled by the idea of a snow day. No more. Now I dread an impending snowstorm with vigor. I work from home, so my kids being home from school is not a pleasant surprise. And much as I want to play in the snow, I have to work.

Digging used to be fun: When you are a kid, you can't wait to get out in the snow and dig like mommy and daddy. When you are an adult and you actually have to dig, it is a lot less fun. Plus getting the cars out of street spots is depressingly difficult and with every engine rev, you know you will likely have to pay something in damage down the road.

Cold is less fun: Am I the only one who gets cold easier now that I am older? I took my daughter out last night in the snow and while she adored it and did not want to come in, I was shivering 10 minutes into our walk. What is up with that?

No all day sex fests/movie fests/book fests: When I was younger and a newlywed, a snowstorm meant one thing and one thing only: naked day! We would turn up the heat, put on bikinis/trunks and have our own little tropical vacation in our condo. Sometimes there were movie marathons and books in bed. No more. Now we must tend to stir/snow-crazy children who are cooped in the house and hopped up on Christmas cookies.

Oh I know the white stuff is super fun and the anticipation of a blizzard is always a blast, but the aftermath....  Bah humbug. Am I just a snow scrooge or do others agree? I'd say in this case, DC was lucky. And even though I see some light grumbling on Facebook -- "Why didn't we get snow??" -- I think most of them would agree.

How did you fare during the East Coast blizzard?


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