Sunday School Barbie: Why Is Everyone Going Crazy Over Her?

french maid barbie doll amazonHurry! If you get to Amazon right now, you can order the very last French Maid Barbie Doll in stock for $168.88. Your daughter will be able to role play as a sexy subservient for hours, making sure she completes all of Ken's "domestic demands" or else get her wages docked and a spanking. Love the fishnets, light blue eye shadow and red lipstick. We all know how crucial those are to giving your man's house a good scrub.

And after you are done giving your young daughter a quick primer in gender equality, you can tell her this doll is now famous!

Which is why I'm guessing by the time you read this she will already be gone. In the Million Dollar Drop game show on Fox on Wednesday, one of the questions asked which of the three Barbie dolls were not made by Mattel: French Maid Barbie, Sunday School Barbie, or Lingerie Barbie.

The question sent a fury of online searchers in quest of the elusive dolls, whether as curiosity or as potential Christmas gifts it's not clear.


The answer: Sunday School Barbie! Apparently, that doll concept (yes, it actually was a concept) never made it to production. I wonder why? I guess buns, nylon leisure pants and knitted vests don't sell? (Sorry, that was my own personal Sunday school flashback and not necessarily the perception of Sunday school teachers everywhere.)

Lingerie barbie amazonBut the good news is you can also buy Lingerie Barbie! Yup, I found her, also on Amazon, and here she is pictured. They actually made a number of Lingerie Barbies, but oh oh -- only one left. The redhead  wearing a white silk skip edged in black lace and garter hose. She's only $63.89, but a more modern version and not as rare so that's understandable.

It's times like these that I'm SO glad my daughter is into hair-eating toy hamsters instead.

Pro toy collectors aside -- because we understand that attraction -- would you let your daughter add these sexy Barbie's to their doll collections? Why or why not?



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