California Rains & Mudslides Not Ending Soon

california rain mudslidesFor the sixth day in a row, California is being dumped on by rain that is at times torrential, other times downright sprinkly. No matter its consistency, these rains in California are not stopping anytime soon. In fact, another storm coming in tonight is supposed to put these other ones hanging out over the state to shame.

As someone who grew up in tornado alley and spent Hurricane Isabel at the top of a high-rise at the tip of the island of Manhattan, I'm shocked that this rainy season is completely freaking me out. After all, it's just rain. Still, this Pineapple Express situation is becoming downright Biblical.

I'll forgive you if you find these videos of rain and people stumped by having to use umbrellas less than threatening. But here's why I'm fighting the urge to pick up my kids early and huddle down for the next 36 hours.



I've witnessed tornadoes, hail storms, and winds that will knock over the sturdiest Texan, but I've never seen a hill just collapse and take down houses on its way. You can't hide from that in your cellar, because no one would ever find you and you would die. Not cool.


As someone who has driven in Oklahoma during severe weather, I'm not concerned about my driving in this flooding; it's those other Californians I'm worried about. However, when the right lanes in Hollywood threaten to wash away my mid-size vehicle, I start to search my memory bank of what to do in a hydroplane situation. Panic doesn't help recall, FYI.


There's a lovely outdoor shopping mall-like place with a top-notch Santa's village near us. No way in hell am I taking my kids to sit on that soggy Santa's lap in this weather. Does this mean they won't be able to find what they want under the tree, since they didn't get a chance to make the request to St. Nick in person? This rain is ruining Christmas!!!

Do you think SoCal residents are all bunch of wusses in this rainstorm?

Image via Annie Mole/Flickr

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