Phillip Greaves: 'Pedophile Guide' Author Arrested (Finally!)

pedophile's guidePhillip R. Greaves II, the man who spurred an Internet-wide hissy fit when Amazon allowed his book, The Pedophile's Guide to Love & Pleasure: A Child-Lover's Code of Conduct, to go up for sale, has finally been arrested for being a perv. Sending the creepiest author of the year to live in jail sounds like the picture perfect holiday ending to a Christmas season nightmare. Now let it be a reminder to all not to shoot the messenger in the new year.

Amazon initially cried censorship last month when people blamed the company for allowing Greaves' e-book to appear on the site. Amazon officials backpedaled quickly against a boycott when the ghost of Christmas future warned of a massive drop in holiday sales if the pedophile guide stayed on the website. Even free speech advocates couldn't fault them for caving; the Internet was directing their anger at the wrong party.


Amazon's decision left us scrambling for a new villain: the right one. Greaves told The Smoking Gun back when his book first became Parental Enemy Number One that he started having sex at age 7, and he continued to do it with kids younger than him up until age 15. He claimed not to have continued doing it as an adult, leaving cops no grounds to arrest him for unlawful sex with a minor and leaving frustrated parents feeling like the kids who woke up on Christmas morning to find fluffy PJs under the tree while their nasty cousins all got the hot toy.

Life just wasn't fair. We could see the creep out there, but we couldn't get to him. And we used all that pent up anger against the one demon we could eviscerate: Amazon. But it was Greaves who wrote the book. Greaves whose mind was deviant enough to envision an adult and child in sexual acts. Greaves we should have been mad at. And Greaves who apparently sealed his own fate.

He allegedly mailed a book containing stories about illegal sex acts to a home in Florida. Police in Polk County, Colorado were than able to charge Greaves with distribution of obscene material depicting minors engaged in conduct harmful to minors, a third degree felony. Now he's taken up residence in jail, and he's expected to be extradited to Florida, where we can only hope national anger will follow. Let's use all this web energy for good in the new year: making sure the real criminal ends up with prison as his new home ... for good.


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