Jessica Fashano Suicide: Could It Have Been Prevented?

Jessica Fashano, a 27-year-old woman, jumped to her death from the roof of the 40-story Trump Place Tower in New York City Saturday morning -- according to reports.

The Upper West Side resident landed on the third-floor roof of the building and died instantly. Investigators believe that she knew someone who lived in the building and snuck in to climb up to the roof.

An analyst for Citigroup, Fashano graduated from Georgetown. It's miserable -- I feel for her friends and family, especially during the holiday season.

There are so many questions to ask here, especially because she didn't leave a note. Was it actually suicide? Did the person she reportedly knew inside the building know she was coming by? And, how did a non-resident of the Trump Place Tower gain access to the roof of the building?


Fashano was a friend to many, according to the support page made in her honor on Facebook, who was clearly passionate about the life she lived. Posts on the wall reminisce about her great leadership abilities, time spent working for the Acumen Fund, her days in high school field hockey, and what a beautiful smile she had.

Sure, assumptions can be misleading. But something sounds wrong about a 27-year-old in the prime of her life with a college degree from a prestigious university jumping off a New York City high-rise on a your average Saturday morning.

It's common for building residents to access rooftop areas without any special permission. But how did a non-resident gain access to the roof? Could this have been prevented if there was stricter security in the building? There's just something about this story that doesn't add up.

One thing is for sure: This unfortunate incident serves as an important reminder to building managers and renters across the city that it's worthwhile to invest in appropriate security measures and employing doormen and concierge staff who are alert and handling their responsibilities at all times.

Do you think Jessica Fashano's death was suicide?

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