Provo Tabernacle Fire Spurs Letter to God

Provo TabernacleFire broke out in the historic Provo Tabernacle in Utah early this morning, causing the main roof of the second story to collapse. It is still unclear, although the four walls were still standing after the fire was put out, if the red brick Mormon building can be saved.

The gorgeous tabernacle featured wood benches and stained glass windows handcrafted by settlers, as well as peaks, gables, winding staircases, balconies, and a ceiling crisscrossed by heavy timbered beams. The 1880s building was renovated in the 1980s, clearly a monument built by some seriously God-loving people.

God, where were you last night? How could you let this happen?


Dear God,

Why weren't you watching over this house made for your very own worship last night? And right before your son's birthday, too? Right before 200 performers were all set to tell the story of Jesus' birth set to music? Wouldn't that have been nice?

Well, I'm sure you had a good excuse for missing this one. Probably plenty of other critical things to tend to last night. Like maybe dealing with this DMV employee who's trying to take over your job. Or trying to sort out the ongoing "Merry Christmas vs. Happy Holidays" debate about Jesus' birthday (oh wait ... birthday? I guess that depends ... we'll come back to that). We know it must be exhausting listening to Sarah Palin's prayers about becoming the next President. And then there was this eyebrow-raising Man of the Year nonsense. Yeah, we're human, and we don't even get it.

In any case, we know you have much to tend to from your post, and we know some things are just, you know, your will and all, which basically we can't question.

The cause of the fire was not determined and the investigation is just beginning. All we know is the performers were the last ones in the building late Thursday evening ... When asked what might have started the fire, Mayor John Curtis said: "There are no suspicious points right now."

But we know you know what happened, God, and we also figure you must know what you're doing. Or not doing, in this case.


God-loving people

Editor's Note: Based on the comments this piece is generating, it seems important to clarify that this piece was intended as humor, not in the loss of this meaningful building but in an attempt to find humor even in the darkest times.


Image via The Salt Lake Tribune

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