Frozen Lighthouse: The Coolest Thing in Ohio?

Subzero temperatures and lighthouses apparently don't mix well. That is, unless you're a fan of ice sculpture art.

A lighthouse near Cleveland, Ohio, has been turned into a massive spectacle after spray off from Lake Erie began forming layers of ice on the structure. 

And while the frozen lighthouse may not be fully functional -- the light is impossible for any local sailors to see through the thick ice coating -- at least it's providing for some pretty cool scenery. It's beautiful. So delicate and so serene.

And oh goodness -- can you imagine an ice pop that big? I want! In cherry please!

Take a closer look:


Heavy snow has been falling in parts of northern Ohio (as well as western New York and Pennsylvania). While the snow may be dwindling down, one thing's for sure: the chilly temperatures are not. This weeks highs are all in the 20s, with a white Christmas predicted for next weekend as well.

What do you think of the frozen lighthouse?


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