Ghost Figure Caught in Metrodome Collapse Video

MetrodomeRemember watching the terrifyingly awesome Metrodome roof collapse video and feeling extremely grateful no one was there? Imagine if that had happened during a game!

But, as it turns out, it looks like there was some kind of person in a cart or ... an animal(?) running away right before the roof collapsed if you take a really close look at the footage.

Don't believe it? See for yourself!


Here is the original video of the roof collapse:

At around the 10-second mark, you can see something scampering down the sideline. It's blurry and black, but it's there!

Here it is super up close:

Was it a person? It sure looks like a four-legged animal. Perhaps it was Brett Farve riding away on a horse after cutting open the roof so he could try to extend his 297-game streak? Or it was Big Foot or a weird black unicorn or some kind of really fast dog? Or it was just some wild horse? But why the heck would a horse be running around in the stadium? Maybe the Metrodome is now haunted by a ghost since its star quarterback shamed the team by taking and then texting pictures of his penis. Whatever it is, it just has to be something crazy and awesome.

City Pages seems to have the incredibly boring official answer, saying that it was an anonymous maintenance man. "It is one of our maintenance men who was emptying large buckets," Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission director Bill Lester tells City Pages. "He does not want to do any interviews."

Apparently he was riding on a forklift, and there were five(!) others in the stadium when the roof collapsed.

Um, have you ever seen a forklift move that fast before? Why does it look like the forklift was galloping? If it were this maintenance man, who conveniently doesn't want to be interviewed, thank god he escaped unharmed, but we prefer the ghost horse theory ourselves. We can't help but think cover-up!

Conspiracy theorists: What do you think?

Image via YouTube

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