What Twitter 2010 Trends Say About Us

top twitter trends 2010What were you tweeting about in 2010? Can you even remember the fascinating, scintillating, and incredibly urgent news you were typing out in 140 characters or less? Luckily Twitter tracks these things and has released the top 10 trending topics on Twitter of 2010. Whether it was the latest tech gadget or a natural disaster, we now know what the most important happenings were in the entire world thanks to Twitter users and their very sore thumbs.

I admit to being concerned it would be all Kardashians, all the time. So imagine my relief when not one single reality star made it into the top 10! Perhaps tweeters aren't as enthralled with the trivial (unless you count one very adorable octopus) as one might expect. In fact, you Twitter experts out there are downright global in your interests.

Here are the top 10 overall trends on Twitter for 2010.


1. Gulf Oil Spill

For those of us who thought this oil spill would still be a hot topic at Christmas, it's not altogether surprising that "Gulf Oil Spill" is the top trend of 2010. Horrifying visuals were released every day, and tales of poisoned ocean life caught on video brought tears to our eyes. So we took to Twitter to bond in our outrage.

2. FIFA World Cup

With millions of viewers all around the world, the World Cup may have been in South Africa, but you couldn't escape the national association football teams on every screen around the world. With 32 teams playing in 10 stadiums, there was never a lack of FIFA material to tweet (witness #s 5 and 10).

3. Inception

The mind-bending fantasy from Christopher Nolan confused and stunned everyone, so naturally we took to the Twitterverse to hash it out. Also, turning Leo DiCaprio into the old dude was enough to inspire the very elaborate Inception tweets, as well as the very simple, "Inception. Wow."

4. Haiti Earthquake

Another disaster that may have been local but had a global reaction, the earthquake that rocked Haiti earlier this year was on everyone's minds and fingers. 

5. Vuvuzela

How many of you are getting someone a vuvuzela for Christmas? Tweet that, please. But quietly, as our ears are still recovering from the assault of the most obnoxious noise-maker of all time.

6. Apple iPad

Everything Jobs touches seems to turn to gold. Even those of us who are solid in our belief that we don't need an iPad find ourselves pawing at our friend's latest gadget.

7. Google Android

Number 7 on the hot topics list, and #1 in the hearts of people who are trying to get over their Apple gadget addictions (see #6).

8. Justin Bieber

If Bieber weren't a real thing, we'd have to invent him.

9. Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows

The (almost) last installment of the series, even non-fanatics want to see what the older, and darker, Hogwarts students will pull out of their hats.

10. Pulpo Paul 

The oracle octopus who predicted Spain's win in the FIFA World Cup was on a roll when he died at the very tender age of three. Luckily he went out on top with his spotless track record of predicting World Cup winners. RIP, Pulpo Paul.

What did you tweet about the most this year?


Image via NASA Goddard Photo and Video/Flickr

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