5 Holiday Gifts for the Trivia Buff

Most of us know someone who loves to show off how well they memorize facts and especially enjoys inserting random bits of information into conversations. For instance:

"Did you know that the world record for breath holding is 11 minutes 35 seconds, set on June 8, 2009 by Stéphane Mifsud?" If you didn't know that and you might like to, make sure your trivia-loving friend is well-stocked this holiday season.

Keep his senses sharp so you guys will be ringers at Tuesday night trivia at the local pub. After all, there are gift certificates (and glory) at stake!

Here are some ideas for trivia-buff gifts:


Trivial Pursuite: Master Edition: $39.65

It's a classic for a reason. Every few years, any trivia buff worth his salt will get a new addition (after all, he knows all the answers!) and this fancy one will do the trick quite nicely.

Trivia Almanac: $15.30

This book will give your trivia-loving friend a year's worth of information in bite-size portions -- 365 facts for 365 days, in fact!

Buzztime: $59.99

This is another kind of trivia game that can even be played alone. There are 750 questions and it follows the same rules you might get during bar trivia night. A great game for the nights your friend has to stay home with the kids and miss his favorite trivia night.

Book of Lists: $27.95

The book lover will love this book that includes lists of all kinds: Nobel Prize winners, literary prizes, schools of criticism, allusions. It's all here! You may never beat her at book trivia again, but it will keep her engrossed for at least a week.

Customizable trivia: $53

For the trivia lover who has gone through all the regular games, this is an opportunity to customize it. Available on Etsy, you send the manufacturer 365 facts or quotes or questions you would like on individual pieces of paper, which are then folded into stars and placed in the jar. One for each day of the new year!

What will you be getting for the trivia buff?

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