Brilliance of the Seas Passengers: 'We Thought We Were Going to Die'

brilliance of the seas terror nightmare
Brilliance of the Seas in Calmer Times
Cruise ships are suddenly offering more than a relaxing tour of oceanfront properties, as Brilliance of the Seas became the third cruise ship this year to scare the living hell out of the people on board. First the Carnival Splendor loses power and is stuck in the middle of the Pacific, then the Clelia II gets smacked by a 30-foot wave (seriously scary video). And now Brilliance of the Seas looks like a nasty team of burglars ransacked the 2,100-passenger boat.

A couple on their honeymoon talked about how they were thrown in the air, tossed across their rooms, and thought they were going to die as the boat tipped to one side so far they thought they were going over. 

A news report shows photos of the wicked storm that slammed the Mediterranean last week and tossed the Royal Caribbean pleasure cruise look like a toy boat in a tub full of toddlers. Check out what happened to the 20-foot-tall Christmas tree on board:


Honestly, I wasn't a cruise ship kind of gal before, but now I'm absolutely standing firm on my refusal to board a floating resort. No, thank you.

If the power goes out in a hotel, at least you can walk outside or head to another hotel. If a storm hits a resort town you can evacuate. Being trapped on a boat seems like pretty much the last place I'd ever, ever, ever want to be. I'm sure the Brilliance of the Seas passengers who are battered and bruised are feeling the same way.

Would you go on a cruise ship after this year's disasters?


Image via TravelAgentCentral

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