Don King Travels With Bullets: Does He Need Them?

kingDon King was stopped by the members of the Transportation Safety Administration at the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport on Sunday night. The TSA luggage search unearthed ammunition for 0.38-caliber and 0.357-caliber firearms in the legendary boxing promoter's carry-on bag.

So is King in the slammer?



An airport spokeswoman said that King was released and able to continue on to his destination, believed to be Florida. At this point, no charges have been filed.

Sadly, King was reportedly in Cleveland to attend the funeral of his wife of over 50 years, Henrietta. Mrs. King died on Thursday in Boca Raton, Florida, from complications from stomach cancer.

The controversial promoter has publicized some of boxing's greatest fighters, including Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, Joe Frazier, and George Foreman. For Tyson's part, his contentious 10-year business relationship with King ended when Iron Mike sued the promoter for fraud and settled for $14 million.

And Tyson wasn't the only client who sued King. Lennox Lewis, Muhammad Ali, and a handful of lesser boxing names also hauled him into court. Clearly the man is not well-liked. By really, really big guys. Who beat people up for a living.

So maybe the wild-haired promoter needs some form of armor. Who knows?

At the very least, he may need protection from Tyson, who describes his former promoter like this: "He's a peace [sic] a s**t. He'll kill his mother for a dollar."


Do you think Don King needs to protect himself?

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