Google Zeitgeist 2010: We Made This Year in Review! (Video)

I am a total sucker for year-end lists. And when I can get it wrapped up in a neat little package that is only 2 minutes and 54 seconds long, without having to listen to some television news anchor giving it a 5-minute intro, I am even happier. "Zeitgeist 2010" totally fits the bill. So thank you Google for allowing me to sneak in this little fix while at work!


And for those of you wondering what the hell zeitgeist means ... tells us it is a German word meaning "the spirit, attitude, or general outlook of a specific time or period, especially as it is reflected in literature, philosophy, etc."

Also kind of cool is that "Zeitgeist 2010" wraps up this year in births, death, highs, and lows, based on our searches ... so, in a way, we all decided what belonged in this video.



Do you think they got it right? Did you like this video?




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