Sylvie Cachay Dead at the Soho House, But Was It Murder?

Fashion designer Sylvie Cachay, most famous for her swimwear designs, was found dead in a bathtub full of water Thursday morning at the exclusive Soho House hotel in Manahattan. Her boyfriend Nicholas Brooks is being questioned.

It has all the makings of a Hollywood movie: beautiful up and coming star, exclusive hotel, wealthy (and troubled) younger man, volatile relationship, and mysterious death. But was it murder?

That is the question authorities are trying to answer. According to ABC, the beautiful 33-year-old designer who had worked for Victoria's Secret and Tommy Hilfiger was found with red marks on her collar bones and reportedly with a bite mark on her hand. Her boyfriend, 24, is the son of composer Joseph Brooks who wrote "You Light Up My Life" in the 1970s, but crashed and burned last year when he was indicted on multiple counts of sexual assault.

Of course, having a bad dad doesn't make one a murderer, right?


And yet all the news outlets have been reporting on the elder Brooks' legal woes and the accusations against him. They are quick to point out that the case was originally being investigated as an overdose, but is now a murder investigation. It does make one wonder if the younger Brooks is being blamed for the older Brooks' sins.

Cachay and Brooks' two-month relationship was described as volatile, but there were also prescription bottles found in the room and no evidence of a struggle. The media seems to already want to call him a murderer, but for now, he isn't.

For now, a young fashion designer is dead and the story is salacious, making headlines all over New York and now outside the city as well. The story is undoubtedly "better" if it's murder. After all, what sells papers better than a wayward rich kid strangling his beautifully and successful girlfriend in the bathtub of a hotel known as an escape pad for the well-heeled?

But in our rush to make a good story,  let's not throw the justice out with the bathwater, so to speak. This isn't a "murder" yet.

Do you think this is definitely a murder?

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