TSA Gropes Passenger But Still Misses Hunting Knife

hunting knifeIt seems the controversial, invasive TSA pat-downs and body scanners aren't as, ahem, thorough as expected. Here's a passenger recounting how he (inadvertently) made it through security with a deadly weapon in his pocket:

On my way to Chicago for business this past week, the TSA missed the six-inch hunting knife in my coat pocket while they busied themselves wanding my crotch and checking my hands for powder residues.

The passenger, who had forgotten that he had put the knife in his pocket earlier that day, discovered it on the airplane when he went to buckle his seat-belt.

Let this be a lesson to all travelers: If you want to get something past the TSA, simply hide it somewhere far away from your private parts, and you'll be good to go.


Image via DeusXFlorida/Flickr

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