Cops Beat Woman Who Refused to Pick Up Dog Poop

woman beaten by copsA New York woman is claiming two NYPD cops brutally beat her in a dispute over dog droppings.

According to Ann Stancyzk's story, she was walking her terrier, Psotka, when two cops approached and demanded she pick up dog feces that did not belong to her dog. She obliged while delivering a snarky remark -- which angered the cops who then handcuffed and arrested her and began punching her when she tried to resist. As seen in the photos, she suffered a black eye, a bruise on her breast, and injuries to her hands and knee; now, she's planning to sue.

Two questions: Doesn't the NYPD have better things to do? And: If not, can they please visit my neighborhood (after taking an anger management course, of course)?

What do you think of this woman's story?

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