Columbia University Drug Bust Proves Ivy League Education Worth It

columbia university drug bustFive Columbia University students were taken into custody yesterday after selling $11,000 of narcotics to undercover officers. One of the largest drug busts in the history of New York City (and that's saying something), these kids have already shown their Ivy League education is paying off. 

Yep. That's right. Do you think state college kids could pull off one of the biggest drug busts in New York City history? Not likely. Maybe an ecstasy raid at a rave. Most likely a shut-down of a closet marijuana-growing operation. But $11K in marijuana, candy-covered LSD, ecstasy, and Adderall? Impressive, boys, impressive.

However, this could be the boys' last move for awhile, in their not surprisingly illustrious careers at Columbia University.


The five arrested on drug charges are Chris Coles, Harrison David, Adam Klein, Jose Perez, and Michael Wymbs. Given the seriousness of their crimes, they won't be back on campus anytime soon, even though prior to their arrests they were model students.

All the students are considered to be academically strong.

Perez is a Gates Millennium Scholar. Klein is a member of the fencing team, and Wymbs was the former vice president of the engineering school's student council. Coles and David told police they were selling drugs to pay for school.

Well, it's not Facebook but it is one way to go big at the Ivy League. Of course none of these guys will be getting billions in their 20s. Just some time in the clink and once they're out -- probably a book deal with a film option.

What do you think their punishment should be for these drug crimes?


Image via Hobbes vs Boyle/Flickr

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