5 Holiday Gifts for the Tea Partier

gifts for tea party memberYou may be wondering what to get the Tea Party member that has everything, including a raging fire burning in her heart. While some may go with the obvious gift of tea, don't forget that whole thing was a metaphor. Never fear, we've scoured the world wide web to find gifts for that special someone, who is already psyched about the extended tax cuts.

Here are five gifts for the Tea Party member on your list. As if she didn't get enough presents on November 2.


Michelle Bachmann Tee

Show the world who your true leader is, a wacky lady from Minnesota with a big idea. Printed on a soft and truly hip t-shirt ($25), you'll fit right in at the next big Tea Party event. It flatters Michelle, doesn't it?

gifts for tea party member2 Bandits Rider Bootstraps

Now how is she supposed to pull herself up by her bootstraps if she doesn't have any? Give that lovely lady this pair of hot boots ($49.99) so she can say, "Hell, no!" to her social security check and make retirement money the old-fashioned way.

gifts for tea party memberCanon Large Format Printer

Whether you need a protest sign or a quick copy of Obama's fake birth certificate, owning a professional grade large format printer ($534.98) is really the only way to go. Set up an office, and you can write the expense off on your taxes. If you paid them.

gifts for tea party memberGlenn Beck 'Baby's Last Christmas' Ornament

Glenn Beck wants to remind you that you're not safe this holiday season, and neither is your baby. Whether it's Islamic extremists or President Obama, your lives are in danger. So remind your favorite Tea Party member with this ornament depicting a baby being blown up by a nuclear explosion ($14.95).

gifts for tea party memberFour Loko

It's caffeinated, and the government doesn't want you to have it. Screw that nanny state bs and pour your Tea Party member a couple of gallons of Four Loko! What better gift for the anti-establishment person on your list than this -- now illegal -- ultimate rush, followed by a headache and vomiting? Coming soon to your spam folder at inflated prices.


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