'Playboy' Playmate Donna D'Errico: Don't TSA Scan Her Because She's Beautiful

Donna D'ErricoDonna D'Errico, 42-year-old former Playboy Playmate, Miss September, and star on Baywatch, says that she was singled out for a full body scan by the TSA because of her looks. She was at LAX on a flight to Pittsburgh accompanied by her 17-year-old son, Rhyan.

She told AOL News:

I immediately asked why we were having to go through an extra search, and no one else was being made to do so, indicating the long line of other passengers in front of and behind where we had been in line. In a very sarcastic tone, and still holding me by the elbow, the agent responded, "Because you caught my eye, and they [pointing to the other passengers] didn't."

Blatant abuse of power by the TSA or a has-been actress/model trying to get her name back in the headlines for 15 minutes of fame? It's most likely a bit of both.


D'Errico said she was "outraged" after seeing the agent "smiling and whispering with two other TSA agents and glancing" at her after the scan.

Many people no doubt will wonder how someone who once posed for Playboy and wore a skimpy red bathing suit on Baywatch has any right to complain about feeling overexposed. But it's so easy for a TSA agent to abuse his power in this way, and if her story is true about the agent saying she "caught [his] eye," that's pretty disgusting and gross behavior. It'd most likely make any woman want to vomit in her mouth a little.

Feel free to roll your eyes at a model crying about being singled out because she's too beautiful, but there's no doubt that as more and more stories about TSA abuse come to light, something has to be changed. Sure, D'Errico could use this story to get her name in the headlines (which has seemed to work), but it doesn't make this violation any less unjust. How is this any different than if you're pulled into the scanner so the TSA agents can laugh about and gawk at how fat you are? Talk about a nightmare for any woman.

It's easy for the rest of us to dismiss her story because she's pretty and a has-been. But you have to wonder exactly what the criteria is for being picked for one of these scans. It doesn't surprise me in the slightest if a horny TSA employee has been singling out pretty women, or any woman that he's interested in seeing semi-naked in the perv machine. There has to be a better way to keep us safe than these scanners.

Does this make you more worried about the TSA or should D'Errico not be allowed to complain about feeling "overexposed"?


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