Meet Captain Awesome, He'll Inspire You to Change Your Name

awesome signature

Everyone is laughing at the 37-year-old Portland, Oregon man who was so bored with his mundane name, he legally changed it to Captain Awesome. Yes, Douglas Allen Smith Jr., an unemployed cabinet installer, is now Awesome ... that's Mr. Captain Awesome to me and you. His father, Mr. Douglas Allen Smith Sr., must be terribly disappointed that he no longer has someone to carry out his name's legacy.

But what's so funny about the name Captain Awesome anyway? Excuse me while in all seriousness I call a "baby name trend alert." What with all the Moonbeams, Freedoms, Bronx-es, and other whackadoo names that parents name their kids these days, we should be immune to this by now.

But yet, Twitter is atwitter and credible news organizations that win awards for covering serious topics like the economy or cancer cures are writing about this today because they know people really really care about this.


I like the name ... no, really, even without the Awesome part. My own son could have been Captain Dermody. He'd never leave the house without one of those cute white hats. The kids would call him "Cap" for short. I could buy him that great Pottery Barn boat bed that costs a fortune and stereotype him for life. People would always think he loves the sea, even if he didn't, and that he owned a boat even though he wouldn't. Girls love boats so he would always have a date.

The real Captain Awesome doesn't agree so much with that thinking. He picked the name after a character on the NBC TV show, Chuck, about the computer geek turned spy. The character, a gorgeous, perfect doctor type named with the equally perfect name Dr. Devon Woodcomb, is nicknamed "Captain Awesome" by his father.

The profound Captain Awesome pointed out that irony to the local paper:

"I just thought it was really funny that Devon's father always called him Captain Awesome because a poor nickname builds good character."

Interesting. I guess my baby naming plan could also very well backfire and my son could grow up with some dreaded fear of the water, refuse to ever taking swimming lessons, or have an addiction to Gilligan's Island repeats. Or worse. Captain & Tennille songs.

Awesome had to petition a judge for the name change to convince him that he wasn't doing it for fraud reasons. The judge was hesitant at first, thought his real name was perfectly acceptable, but then gave in to the request. Wouldn't you have wanted to sit in on that hearing?

But all of this is not even the best part. The judge also allowed Awesome to change his legal signature to something that would be more reflective of his new legal name -- a smiley face bracketed with a left and right pointing arrow. Yes, the exact one above.

Now that's one Awesome signature!

What's so wrong with the name Captain Awesome? Awesome or not?

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