Postal Service to Blind Woman: No Mail for You!

mailbox A legally blind woman, Rose Marie Mitchell, living in a hilly, rural area in Montana, requested that the United States Postal Service deliver the mail to her house. But the USPS denied her special delivery request, saying the private road leading to her house is too steep and dangerous for the employees to walk up. But how is she supposed to navigate the route?

To get to the mailbox, Mitchell or her husband, Dan, must navigate six-tenths of a mile down the steep private road and almost another mile along the county dirt road. The problem is: Dan travels frequently and is sometimes gone for weeks at a time. During those weeks, Rose Marie is sans mail.

But even with these special circumstances, the USPS says it was forced to deny the request because it can't approve delivery extensions for private roads. Makes sense, sure, but what can be done?

Do you think the United States Postal Service should deliver this woman's mail?

Image via aliwest44/Flickr

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