Concorde Crash: Is France Off the Hook for Fatal Incident?

airplaneFrance is sloughing off blame for the infamous crash of an Air France Concorde supersonic jet that killed 113 people in 2000.

A French court today found Continental Airlines and one of its mechanics solely guilty in connection with the fatal incident. According to the ruling, the crash was caused when a piece of metal fell off a Continental DC-10 jet minutes before the Concorde jet sped down the runway; the debris pierced the Concorde's tire and caused it -- and subsequently the fuel tank -- to explode.

The bottom line? France authorities are blaming the entire incident on the United States and are seeking a hefty compensation for Air France ($1.3 million).

For its part, Continental is claiming the plane was in flames before hitting the metal; it's calling the ruling "absurd" and plans to appeal.

Who do you think is to blame for the Concorde crash?

Image via chrisny2/Flickr

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