6 Holiday Gifts for the Right Wing Nut Job

Barack Obama dress upThere are Republicans in this world, and then there are the right wing nut jobs. They don't just disagree with the liberals. They'd like to take them out and horsewhip them, and gosh darn it, that should be their right!

Whether it's your Uncle Joe Sixpack or your cousin in the militia, it's time to stock up on the holiday gifts for the right wing nut job in your life.


Barack Obama Mix N' Match Dress Up Kit $14.99 at Stupid.com

The true right winger wakes up each morning with one mission: to find anything that will make the president appear stupid to the rest of the world. Now he or she can do it every day without even hitting the Internet. Even better, this magnetic wardrobe is stow and go, so they can carry the hilarity for the round of holiday parties.

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Nutcracker $29.94 at Amazon

They see Madame Secretary of State as a ball buster, and this nutcracker will just confirm their theories. Even if you don't agree on politics, at least you won't have to work those walnut shells open yourself during cocktail hour.

Barack Obama Toilet Paper

Embroidered Toilet Paper -- President Barack Obama $5 at HiBird

The right wing nut job would love to tell President Obama that the papers that come out of the Oval Office these days aren't good for much more than wiping their butts. So now they can make it happen.

obama countdown clock

Obama Countdown to His Last Day-Countdown Timer $14.95 at Amazon

Every day that ends is another day closer to January 2013, but a true right wing nut job should have it down to the seconds. Now they can with a clock that makes them feel like they're doing something useful to push Obama out of the White House.

tea party cigar

Tea Party Cigar $9.95 at Tea Party Patriots Store

The government's attempts to make people quit smoking is just another sign that the people in Washington are meddling with real Americans' God-given rights to give themselves cancer! So light one up and show them who's boss of your body!

don't retreat reload

Don't Retreat, Reload Framed Cross Stitch $9 at Happy Little Accidents

Help them celebrate our right to bear arms in a way that won't get you accidentally shot! This handy little bit of right wing propaganda will look good up there on the wall next to their dead caribou head, don't you think?

Don't see anything that quite fits? How about getting a gift for the mama grizzly instead?


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