Most Humiliating TSA Pat-Downs of the Week

tsa screeningAnother week, another host of humiliations at the hands of the TSA agents. From a woman being subjected to an invasive pat-down after her feminine product showed on a body scanner to another woman in a wheelchair going through in her underwear, check out the week's worst TSA screening experiences.


-A female passenger in the U.K. suffered a traumatic experience when she was subjected to a pat-down after her sanitary product showed on the body scanner: The pat-down was so invasive that it triggered painful memories of a previously suffered sexual assault. Now, some women's advocates are referring to the situation as "Gate Rape" and speaking out against incidents like these so that other women don't have to endure the same humiliation.

-Rather than endure the invasive hand-search that is typically used for people in wheelchairs, passenger Dr. Tammy Banovac reluctantly chose to go through security wearing only her lingerie. It seemed like a fool-proof plan until the scanners detected the presence of nitrate residue on her body -- which experts say could be from medication, hunting, or many other normal human activities -- and she was subjected to an hour of questioning and, oh yes, hand-searches. She missed her flight and had to repeat the entire process again the next day.

-Another female passenger complained that two male TSA workers singled her out for additional screening after inappropriately staring at her breasts. She said: "It was pretty obvious. One of the guys that was staring me up and down was the one who pulled me over ... Not a comfortable feeling."

(I'm too appalled to have any sort of intelligent commentary on these three incidents, so I'll just allow you to let it all sink in.)

-Hip hop legend Kurtis Blow was arrested Thursday after one of the new body scanners detected a stash of weed in his pocket. At least in this case of drugs, we know the scanners work?

Do you think the TSA pat-downs and body scans are too invasive?


Image via dprevite/Flickr

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