Boss Makes Women on Their Period Wear Red Bracelets

women restroomA boss in Norway is requiring menstruating females to wear red bracelets so that it's clear to everyone in the office that they are having their period. The thinking -- if it can be called that -- behind this new policy is to help monitor bathroom breaks; the bracelets signal why these women are using the restroom more often.

Now those are some superior micro-management skills! The only thing better would be if he was to fasten a scarlet "P" to the cursed women's chests.

Can I tell you what I would do if forced to take part in such a sexist and humiliating tagging system?


Honestly, I'd be concerned that a red bracelet wasn't a significant enough reminder that I was on the rag. Therefore, in an effort to be entirely obvious about my condition in the workplace, I would employ the following tactics in an effort to convince this boneheaded boss that it really was that time of the month:

I would eat lots of chocolate. I would bring my heating pad to work. I would fill my cubicle with tampons and Midol. I would even clutch my lower abdomen screaming, "Owwwwwww. Menstrual cramps are the worst!"

It sounds dramatic, I know, but I wouldn't want anyone to be confused about what was going on down there.

In fact, in the spirit of transparency, I would insist that all of my co-workers -- men and women -- be forced to reveal intimate details about their bodies, lives, and washroom habits through this color-coded bracelet system. For example, pink or blue bracelets (depending on the sex of her baby) would signal that a woman was pregnant. Green means someone came to work hungover. And, of course, brown would be for people who have to ... you know.

What do you think about this red bracelet policy?


Image via dcbprime/Flickr

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