WikiLeaks Get Juicy: 5 Bizarre Secrets Revealed

wikileaksThe huge rash of secret documents put up on WikiLeaks this week could land site founder Julian Assange in jail for espionage, but that hasn't stopped the world from salivating over the juicy details.

It's not all warmongering and secretary of state meetings (yawn). Reading the site lets us play James Bond like we did in our bedrooms as kids. We're finally on the inside, and we're not going to come up for air anytime soon.

We've waded through the serious stuff for you (go ahead and thank us). Here are some of the most bizarre -- aka juiciest -- revelations to drop on Facebook. It will make you look in-the-know too:

  • Documents marked "secret" reveal Libyan leader Muammar al-Qadhafi is afraid of staying on the higher floors in buildings and flying over water. Oh, and he relies almost excessively on a ”voluptuous blonde" who is purported to be his nurse. Right, that's what we'd call her too.
  • Prince Khalid, son of the late King Faisal bin Abdul Aziz of Saudi Arabia, is “known for being extremely cheap.” Rather than appropriately renovate the lower floor of his late father's palace for a party with Prince Charles of England, a leaked cable states he brought in an unnamed businessman to fake it by blocking out the light and setting up projectors to send colors and designs onto the walls. It worked. The Prince of Wales apparently said he thought the place was "luxurious and beautiful." Well, when you're stuck with crumbling castles, your standards take a dip ...
  • Kazahkstan President Nursultan Abishuly Nazarbayev loves to spend cash on big stars. He reportedly dropped 1 million pounds to bring Elton John into town to play a party, and he had Nelly Furtado make a visit before him. Hey, if it works for Rush Limbaugh ...
  • Kazahk Minister Akhmetov likes to party too. A notorious workaholic, he makes up for it by hitting the bottle, and he didn't bother to hide it when he met with a U.S. Department Official, "slouching back in his chair and slurring all kinds of Russian participles."
  • Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, likes poking fun at the French. When presented with talk of Kyrgyz corruption stories, his royal highness laughed his hiney off and decided: "All of this sounds exactly like France.” Our advice to his highness? Avoid all future trips on the Chunnel.


Image via WikiLeaks

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