'The Liberal Clause': Just How Low Will the Tea Party Go?

The Tea Party isn't known for its class, but this holiday season, David W. Hedrick, the Tea Party-backed politician who failed to win Washington State's 3rd Congressional District race, is stooping to an all time low with his children's book -- The Liberal Clause: Socialism on a Sleigh.

Making fun of cancer patients was nothing compared to this. The book, which landed Hendrick on a future Christmas-themed episode of The Daily Show, is the tale of a socialist Barack Obama and "Elf Peloosi," and it features appearances by "Mr. Snore" (Al Gore) and many others.

The story delves into the way Barry, the "Liberal Claus," steals Christmas with his so-called liberal agenda. He bankrupts the North Pole Treasury, borrows cash from the "Hineese," eliminates toy specialists, and is only stopped when the elves remove his teleprompter and show everyone the Christmastution.

What a load of hooey. Especially from this guy.


Hedrick, as we may recall, was the guy who stood up in a Town Hall meeting in Washington in 2009 and told a Democratic congressman to “stay away from my kids."

This seems a little ironic coming from a guy who just wrote a children's book filled with shaky half-truths and some seriously misguided scare tactics. Fair is fair, Hedrick. You want people to stay away from your kids, then don't try to sell their kids on your paranoid drivel.

The guy is so busy working on his children's book and making stuff up that the stress apparently also turned him into a wife beater. Last month, Hedrick, 31, pleaded not guilty to one count of fourth-degree assault for allegedly striking his wife twice in the back of the head during an argument.

According to a probable cause affidavit filed with the court, Hedrick’s wife told the Clark County Sheriff’s Office she slapped him on the forearm during an argument. “He responded,” documents show, “by standing up, knocking her to the floor, and striking her twice in the back of the head.”

Oh yeah. This is the guy I want talking to my kids.

Never mind the fact that civilized discourse has long since flown the coop with the oh-so-intelligent points he makes in the book. A passage reads:

The skinny imposter began to read.

"My fellow citizens of the North Pole," he stated with a hint of arrogance in his voice, "I am here to pull Christmas back from the brink of destruction. My name is Barry, but you can call me Liberal Claus."

"Are you even from the North Pole?" an elf questioned from the crowd.

Liberal Claus scowled at this elf with pure evil in his eyes. For a moment all of the elves stood in disbelief waiting for a response, but the response would never come.

Never mind the facts Hedrick says! Let's just pepper children with nonsensical lies with no backing. They won't know the difference! They are 3 years old! Actually, come to think of it, it's a really smart strategy because the only people willing to believe such blatant lies are pint-sized people with third-grade educations.

So, go on Tea Party. Read your kids this nonsense. I will stick to The Night Before Christmas. Just please don't blame me later when your children can't make it past grade four.

What do you think of this book?

Image via Theliberalclause.com

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