6 Gifts for the News Hound

gifts for the news houndIf someone on your list watches the CNN ticker like Joe McGinniss watches Sarah Palin, a subscription to The Week -- a news hording mag (starting at 99 cents a week) -- will let the busy news junkie grab bits and pieces of the major stories in the world's current events and cultural happenings. (Especially helpful before cocktail parties when you need to know what's happening in North Korea, as well as a winning recipe for coq au vin.)

Also, think of the support you're throwing behind print media -- your news fan will appreciate that as well.

But for a little more fun under the menorah/Christmas tree/whatnot, try these winning gifts for the political and news junkie on your list. You'll get a smile out of even the most doom and gloom of your cable news addicted friends.


gifts for the news hound

40: A Doonesbury Retrospective

When your liberal Baby Boomer friend needs a break from watching Olbermann, but still wants to feel ethical as he gets a laugh, buy him the Doonesbury Retrospective ($59.01) by Gary Trudeau. The characters have aged along with the generation, and the issues are always evolving (unlike some other cartoon strips we need not mention, ahem, Beetle Bailey).

gifts for the news houndFlip Camera

Encourage your news hound to become a citizen journalist with her very own Flip camera (starting at $149). Easy to use, easy to throw in your bag or pocket, your roving reporter will be at the ready to capture any juicy action be it protest rallies or an especially weird town hall meeting.

gifts for the news houndPinheads & Patriots: Where You Stand in the Age of Obama

Bill O'Reilly's latest ($13.98) is a must-have for Fox News true believers. To really show your loyalty to the news channel, choose O'Reilly over Beck so you can say, "I was there first."

gifts for the news houndPlanet Earth: The Complete BBC Series

For the enviro-political news junkie, this beautifully shot BBC series will remind her why she cares so damn much about these issues. On sale now at Amazon ($29.99), there's no better time to grab up a piece of the earth.

gifts for the news houndTrip to Colonial Williamsburg

Say the current events are making you crazy. Take a step back into history and ponder how this wacky democracy all began. A major splurge, taking yourself or your family to Colonial Williamsburg on a holiday package starts at $379, but could be just what the politically irritated needs.

What would you get your news junkie friend for the holidays?

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