Gun Threat on Black Friday -- Unleash the Crazies!

black fridayOkay, so we're approximately 8 hours into Black Friday, and I'm happy to report there has not yet been any deaths this year. Yet being the key word.

But there have been gun threats. Gotta love the holidays, right? Spreading Christmas cheer, one weapon at a time.

Last night, while waiting in line for the Black Friday doors to open in a Madison, Wisconsin Toys R Us (geezus, people seriously start lining up that early??), a woman thought she'd be sneaky and cut the line.

Oh hell no!

Of course, the other shoppers jumped up from their makeshift sidewalk tents and tried to stop her. And when they did so, she threatened to shoot them all. I mean, I know Stinky the Garbage Truck is in high demand but daaang.


She was arrested and taken to the slammer where I assume she'll have to use her shopping money for bail. Best of luck to her on trying to explain to her kids why Santa didn't bring presents this year.

Whether people are getting punched over $10 griddles, or actually getting killed during a Walmart stampede, Black Friday is not for the feint of heart shopper. Which is why I stay in the confines of my safe apartment.

Back in college, I worked at Walmart part-time, so I witnessed the Mr. Hyde-side of people on Black Friday. My duty was in women's apparel, which was, according to the seasoned workers, the "safest department." Obviously toys and electronics were the worst, and they made sure to have at least one worker on the floor in those departments who were big enough to stop full-on brawls. Still that one Black Friday that I worked might be in my top 5 worst days ever. I saw a dress torn in two because two women were fighting over the last one in XL (the dress was actually horrendous looking), and two others got into an obnoxiously loud and over-the-top argument because they each thought they were next for the fitting room. And don't even get me started on having to clean up the disaster that was left of the department at the end of the day.

It's frightening how people act over these sales. I mean, it's what, a savings of $50? Is it really worth leaving your civilized behavior behind for? Looking at it from a worker's point of view, it was like watching wild animals on a National Geographic show. But instead fighting over mates or food, they were battling each other for the hottest toy.

Have you ever witnessed any Black Friday crazies?


Image via {Guerilla Futures Jason Tester}/Flickr

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