5 Signs 'Birth or Not' Internet Abortion Couple Is a Hoax

birth or notThe seemingly soulless couple asking everyone to decide if they should have an abortion or not, may not be real after all. Pete and Alisha Arnold -- if those are their real names -- even have our own writers asking if they should be shot for having the Internet decide if they should have an abortion or not.

I have to admit I thought this had to be a fake the first time I read about the two 30-year-olds who just kind of weren't ready to have kids, and apparently I'm not alone. While the couple claim to be pro-choice, and the husband decides this a great civics lesson, as many other sites point out: They have zero understanding what pro-choice even is, if they think letting someone else make the choice is in line with pro-choice thinking.

Like Balloon Boy before them, this is an incredibly uncool way to try to garner publicity. However, I'm pretty sure that's all it is -- a cheap way to get people talking in hopes of some personal gain. Here's why:

  1. The Arnold's are fans of George W. Bush, and Glenn Beck.
  2. No self-described Libertarian would let some random Internet vote tell him what to do.
  3. The overuse of sonogram photos showing their baby off to the world reeks of emotional blackmail, not thoughtful discourse.
  4. Evidence that Pete Arnold, aka Zeeboid, is a "anti-choice troll" already terrorizing the Internet.
  5. No one is that stupid. No one.

This isn't real, it's a zealot trying to upset people into believing pro-choicers are immoral, cavalier and don't give a damn about babies. If he actually had a conversation with anyone who was pro-choice, he'd know none of that is true.

So while I would never tell anyone else what to do with their body, I will beg Pete Arnold to get a vasectomy. That man should not be breeding.


Image via Birthornot

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