Does Fox Hate Sarah Palin?

fox news sarah palinA couple of Fox News commentators didn't realize the cameras were still running during a commercial break and let loose on Sarah Palin and her new reality series, Sarah Palin's Alaska.

The entire clip makes me cringe -- big time. And I'm even a skeptic of her show!


If you expected the Fox anchors to give a favorable review of the TLC show simply because they're conservative and Palin is a contributor to the network, you're in for a giant surprise.

First, Liz Trotta (seated with her back to the camera) kicks off the hate with this comment:

Alessandra Stanley had the best line. She said the new show is like The Sound of Music, without the Nazis, without the romance, and without the music.

Then, Judith Miller (facing the camera) chimes in and keeps going and going ...

The Washington Post hated it too, did you see his review .... You get the sense that all she's waiting for when she's looking at the great outdoors is to get back to her SUV to get enough bars to send out her latest Twitter about the beauty of the environment.

I'm thoroughly disgusted by how catty these two are being, while the other three anchors sit silently and shift awkwardly in their chairs. Trotta and Miller are clearly not fans of Palin, yet resort to nitpicking at insignificant (albeit spiteful) details instead of intelligently commenting on whether her show affects the political landscape. (I would argue that it does but shouldn't.)

If they have a problem with Palin, why won't they take her to task when they know the cameras are rolling instead of snipping behind her back like little kids?

What do you think of the clip?

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