Incredible Hulk Protects Our Borders & Other Jobs for Superheroes

incredible hulk illegal immigration
Get Out of Arizona, Jose!
It can be difficult to find a job after a certain age in Hollywood. Or for The Incredible Hulk's Lou Ferrigno, after a certain decade -- the '80s.

Which must be why Ferrigno decided to take a job with racist sheriff Joe Arpaio in supporting the posse to hunt down illegal immigrants. I would think a man of color might be more sensitive to immigration issues, but Hulk mad and Hulk will be keeping Mexicans away from Arizona.

The Incredible Hulk made his announcement of support at a news conference with Arpaio, which certainly made it sound like he was part of the skull-crushing Arizona posse. But now his wife Carla says his remarks were taken out of context, and Ferrigno is busy with his job as deputy sheriff in Los Angeles. What?

I had no idea I was being protected by not only The Terminator but The Incredible Hulk. I can certainly sleep better at night.

Now, what jobs should other underemployed superheroes take on in the name of our national interest?


Wonder Woman -- Equal Pay
Sorry to gender stereotype, Princess Diana, but you're the strongest lady in the group, and we need someone to go kick some Republican butt and show them that women have the right to earn as much as men for the same work. Show them what kind of lifestyle choice you're making by hog-tying anyone who feels any differently and shooting them to the moon.

Aquaman -- Environmental Law
Aquaman has a unique POV as he swims through oil spills and drags polar bears to safety. He should go to work immediately on our nation's dependence on oil, and crack down on off-shore drilling.

Superman -- Health Care
This is a job for Superman! The new GOP members are trying to take away what little gains our countrymen have achieved in health care coverage. Only the man of steel has what it takes to protect our populace from greedy health care corporations and lobbyist-influenced Congresspeople!

What issue should Batman & Robin tackle?

Image via Tony the Misfit/Flickr


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