National Unfriend Day: Celebrate by Unfriending These 5 People

According to Jimmy Kimmel, today is National Unfriend Day. Will you participate?

The idea is this: we all have a lot of "fat" on Facebook -- friends we acquired who we really aren't close with or, worse, don't even like. I know I have a few of those myself, but when it comes to unfriending, I am a giant wimp.

This is because to me, "unfriending" is tantamount to announcing you hate someone and there are few people on Facebook (and in life) I really dislike that much. The few who make obnoxious political statements I just hide.

The few times I have been unfriended have stung a bit, but that feeling was followed by deleting that person from my Rolodex and my memory. Unfriend me and you're dead to me.

So, yes, I take "unfriending" pretty seriously (or as seriously as anyone can really take Facebook).


Of course, that doesn't mean that every one of my 421 friends is a close confidant. As Kimmel said, it's just impossible to really have that many "friends." So trim, people! Go ahead and do it! And if you do, here are a few potential friends you might want to trim from your list:

  1. The I am only friends with you because your sad life makes me feel better about my life friend: This one is bad, but it's usually someone you went to high school or college with whose life is not going as well as yours. You feel kind of sorry for them, but their said status updates -- "Mindy Smith is lonely tonight" -- always make you feel (shamefully) better about your own life. This is a good one to cut because who needs the guilt? Let your life be happy on its own without needing to compare it!
  2. The one you want to unfriend, but can't: Maybe you have mutual friends or you were once good friends but you just don't like them anymore. Whatever the reason, it's generally a good rule of thumb to unfriend people you don't like. It may seem obvious, but it's harder than it seems. There have been a few people in the past on my lists who I flat out don't like, but who I don't unfriend for political reasons.
  3. The one who blocks you: I'm guilty of this one for sure. I accept a friend request and then block the person from seeing my wall. I say a lot of personal things there, so I like to reserve my wall for only the people I know well. That said, I find it offensive when others do it to me (I am a total hypocrite, I realize). This is a good person to delete if you feel the need. But not me. Because then I won't like you anymore in real life. Just kidding. Kind of. Not really.   
  4. The one who gets mad and unfriends and then tries to refriend: This person is reactive and insane and probably not the person you actually want on your list. Think long and hard before re-accepting a friend request from this volatile freak. You will probably be unfriended again next week.
  5. Your bigoted uncle (or distant relative you didn't realize was a homophobe): Facebook reveals a lot of things you wish you didn't know. If you have relatives who are willing to post bigoted things on Facebook, imagine what they say in real life? You can unfriend blood relatives. It may make things tense at Thanksgiving, but you may just want to skip the whole turkey fest with those relatives anyway. Because the only thing worse than being unfriended is having to sit through a family dinner with a person who makes gay jokes on Facebook.

Will you be unfriending anyone today?

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