Is Hunky Soldiers Calendar for Charity Too Sexy?

soldiers calendarTypically, it's beefcakey firefighters who are flexing their naked pecs for charity calendars; but now hunky soldiers are getting on the action, too. 

A nonprofit organization, Freedom Is Not Free, is releasing its 2011 America's Heroes Calendar, $14.99, featuring veterans of our nation's armed forces in various stages of undress (ogle right). One hundred percent of the proceeds go to wounded service members and their families, and the families of the fatally wounded.

But not everyone is convinced that the revealing calendar is such a good idea ...


In particular, some critics wonder if sexualizing our nation's service members is disrespectful and/or inappropriate.

My take? Sure, the whole concept is a little weird. But it's no secret that many women are turned on by "men in uniform." And, if a well-deserving charity -- and I would argue that this is one -- can benefit from this widespread military uniform fetishization, then good for them?

Moreover, the fact that the men who posed for the calendar are actually former service members (who donated their time and traveled to the photo shoot at their own expense) -- versus male models impersonating them -- makes it much more real.

Here's the bottom line: Our government should be taking care of service members and their families. But if there still aren't enough funds to make sure they're provided for, then hopefully this effort proves to be successful.

Do you think the America's Heroes Calendar is a good idea?

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