Military Families Deserve Special Treatment

Child saluting American flagFor all the amazing companies, businesses, and organizations that support military families, there are plenty similar entities, people even, who do not. And sadly, I'm not surprised.

Take, for example, Penelope Trunk's recent post entitled "Veteran's Day Should Be Cancelled" -- a post I unfortunately learned about from fellow mom blogger and The Stir blogger Julie Marsh, herself a former Air Force Officer who wrote a spot-on rebuttal.

I won't detail Trunk's ridiculous arguments for why she thinks the recent holiday should be canceled, but suffice it to say that she's speaking out of her ass. Because until you've seen first hand how military service affects the personnel themselves and their families, you just have no idea.


Since moving to Atlanta a few years ago, I quickly learned that this is not a military-friendly town. That doesn't mean people aren't appreciative of the service that our military (including my husband) provide for this country. But considering there's only a Reserve base in the Atlanta metro area, few civilians are exposed to full-time military personnel. And because of that, I think they don't have a full understanding of what military service involves, especially for the families who often need the most support from their community.

Take the fact that most places of business around town that do offer a military discount only give it to the active famil