Amy Erin Blakely Sues Over Breasts: This Is a Joke, Right?

amy erin blakelyAn Orlando woman is teaming up with Gloria Allred to sue her former employer for firing her after being told her large breasts were "too distracting" for other employees.

Amy Erin Blakely is claiming that she endured sexist and derogatory remarks about the size of her chest for five years at a nonprofit behavioral health organization, The Devereux Foundation; she was also told that she would not be promoted because she was "too sensual."

When Blakely finally filed two complaints about the sexual harassment, she was fired.

*Big exasperated sigh.* I wish I were making this story up.


I'm finding it difficult to comprehend exactly how breasts can be so "distracting" provided Blakely respected the office dress code and actually wore clothes to work (which she claims she did).

Sometimes I can't write when my co-workers are conversing loudly in the conference next to my cube. Were Blakely's breasts engaged in some sort of activity that literally prevented work from being done? Forgive me if I can't think of a good scenario in which this accusation is in any way believable.

If her story is true -- and hopefully the two grievances are on file to help prove that it is -- this is a blatant case of gender discrimination and a pretty lame one at that. Sexist remarks about breast size? Really? This is equally as bad as the woman who was fired from Citibank for being "too good looking." Perhaps it's easier for us to bind our breasts at work than expect men to know how to behave around them.

And say what you will about Allred, but at least we know she'll publicize this crappy situation to death.

What do you think of Blakely's suit?

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