This Is Why Mail Carriers Go Postal (VIDEO)

crazy racist lady postal workerSome videos have been released on YouTube of a racist white lady attacking her postal carrier. The USPS employee is presumably black, but we don't see him on the video he took with his cell phone. Judging by how many "n" words are thrown around, I think it's safe to say that is the case.

His offense? Not breaking the law by taking back the certified letter she already signed for even as she tries to shove it in his face.

How this postal carrier can remain calm as she threatens him with "her neighbor the police officer" is beyond me. If the note on the YouTube page is to believed, the carrier was even fired over this incident and is still awaiting an investigation. Hence, the released video.

It's truly terrifying, just watch.



He didn't go postal! Not even close! This is part one. Part two gets even uglier, and Gawker has both videos together for full impact. Between the threats of life imprisonment, the accusations that black people have lower IQs, the statement that white people are going to KILL him -- I don't know how he sat there calmly saying, "Ma'am, please don't call me names." Oh, and she slaps him. Over a letter from The Rotary Club!

If posting these videos on YouTube is the only outlet this USPS employee is utilizing for the rage he must be feeling over this incident, he's a better man than most.

The scariest thing about this video is that this lady looks like everyone's neighbor. She probably brings pie over to your house when you move in, and fills you in on trash and recycle pick-up days. She looks totally innocuous, until she opens her mouth and threatens to call her neighbor, the cop, to lock your black ass up for life.

How did he not just back his truck up and run over that skinny a-hole?

What would you do?


Image via YouTube

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