Mystery Missile: Was It Really a Plane?

mystery missileThe mystery missile that left an orange vapor trail just off the coast of Los Angeles this week has officially been declared "not a missile" by the Pentagon. Thanks U.S. Department of Defense. You just told us a whole lot of nothing, and you took our name for our mystery away.

The strange trail of vapor was spotted about 35 miles off of the coast late Monday, captured by a television news helicopter just before sunset. But it didn't become a "strange" trail until the government agencies started whistling and looking away. They went all vapor trail? What vapor trail? We didn't leave any vapor trail?

According to the North American Aerospace Defense Command, it wasn't a missile. Ditto the Pentagon. And the FAA hasn't said anything official about a plane.

So what was it?


The Great Pumpkin

Evidence: It's orange, in keeping with the appropriate color scheme for Peanuts' most mysterious character. And we did just finish Halloween. Not to mention, it's officially the 60th anniversary of the Schulz comic strip. Maybe Linus was right all these years!

Probability: Not likely. He never showed up for the cute kid with the blanket, and who can resist one of those?

Santa Claus

Evidence: Black Friday came early this year, why not the big guy?

Probability: Not likely. NORAD has said it's not an attack, and the Santa Tracker claims they know where Santa is at every moment.

A Plane

Evidence: An anonymous government official told the Los Angeles Times, "Federal Aviation Administration records showed commercial airliners were flying in the area at the time, and that most government experts were coming to the conclusion that the condensation trail was caused by an aircraft."

Probability: 70/30. Los Angeles is one of the biggest cities in the U.S., and with that comes a ton of airplane traffic.

A Missile

Evidence: The military has a floating ocean platform right in the area, and they carry out tests at San Nicolas Island. Also in the area is Point Mugu Naval Air Station, a missile defense testing site.

Probability: 30/70. The feds say no ... and one wonders why they'd even practice it before dark?


Evidence: It's unidentified, and it's in the sky -- hence an unidentified flying object (UFO). Oh yeah, and aliens could land. It could happen.

Probability: Hard to tell. If you watch the X-Files, you know no government entity is going to admit it if there was one.

What do you think it is?


Image via KCBS

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