Another Media Whore: Did Mother of '10 Year-Old' Who Gave Birth Lie?

Heather Murphy-Raines/Scout's Honor
Do you recall the story in the headlines last week about a 10-year-old Romanian girl giving birth in Spain

It appears it may not be true after all. It seems the grandmother of said baby may have grossly under-exaggerated her daughter's age to the tune of, some former neighbors say, FIVE years.


What kind of mother does that? What kind of mother glories in having a so-called adolescent child give birth when, for most mothers, it would be a heartbreaking tragedy at even 15? What kind of mothers claim they willfully married their daughter at 10 years old?

I assume it was the attention -- just like the acid hoax woman. My question is: Are there really that many women out there willing to say anything, even at the risk of hurting their families, just for a little attention? 


Gypsy Girls
Maybe she liked giving interviews where other mothers were aghast at children having children? 


All I know is her former neighbors were equally aghast at the light in which she displayed Romanian Gypsy people and their culture. 

They say they are indignant with her lies. The Seattle Times reports: 

Ionel Mutu, a 43-year-old plasterer, was among several residents of Bucharest's impoverished Ferentari district who told The Associated Press they believed the girl was between age 13 and 15 ...

This strongly conflicts with the mother's report that she didn't understand what all the fuss was about her daughter being 10 and was pleased to be a new grandmother. I believe this part was what was so shocking for Americans -- that she was okay with the result. Now, it seems, there might have been a reason for her blase response since teen pregnancy is commonplace in Romania.

A blase response with which her fellow Romanian gypsies are not happy. They claim, "Roma girls can unofficially get married in their mid-teens but not at age 10 ... Just because [Roma] are not educated, doesn't mean they haven't got a mind and don't know how to judge things."

Too Young For Marriage?
All I come away with from this story is incredible sadness that this child, whether she be 10 or 15, carries the burden of being such a young mother. I'm even more sad for her poor baby, who has entered this world with such a questionable support system.  

As arranged marriages at puberty are common in Romania, I hold my own just-turned-11-year-old daughter close and thank the heavens she will allowed to be a child here in the United States.

My wish today is that all children in this world would be allowed to be children.

Images by Zingaro. I am a gipsy too. & by Steve Nimmons/Flickr

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